Decouverte des galapagos

Croisière aux Galapagos sur le Nemo 2 atol nord
Exploring the beauty of the islands in 8 days
The archilelago, which became part of Ecuador in 1832, is located 970 kilometers from the mainland. The trip to the islands on board the Nemo II starts in Baltra island where you will go on board Nemo Galapagos boat cruise. It is an 8-days trip, sleeping on the boat, sailing at night and visiting the main islands during the day. By the time the tour is over, you will have had a full and exultant vision and impression of the Enchanted Islands, as they are also known as.
We will explore islands of just 2km2 from end to end. In such a small space of land you will see hundreds of blue-footed boobies, big yellow land iguanas and many frigates, whose male swollen red bag bearing under the peak in order to attract females. This will be like a baptism, a baptism of life, of proximity to the nature to the point of almost touching the impassive birds in their nests. And it would be like that every day... animals contemplate visitors and we will also contemplate them just delighted.

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